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Mixed Media Alternation with Prima Marketing Autumn Sunset + A new TUTORIAL

Creativity comes in many forms, it's not just the act of creation but the way we think, the way we create in each aspect of our lives. our thoughts always wondering around, I feel like I'm creating art even when I'm not. Always looking for beauty, searching for compositions wants to be inspired. Lately I felt like my YouTube channel has stopped to inspire me, felt like I'm doing more of the same and I wanted to change that. I did a lot of thinking and decided that in order to be true to myself I must take one more step, take off some masks and just be me in front of the camera. That is why in my next tutorial you will hear my voice and see me too. The experience was both weird and liberating. I am not just yet feeling comfortable in front of the camera but finally I was able to interact with you, share my thoughts and knowledge. I didn't want the tutorial to be too long so I was trying to find the combination between explaining and showing processes in real time and fast forwarding other parts. I hope you will join me in this adventure of mine and find it useful. Please share your thoughts and comment on my new tutorial, let me know whether you liked it. You can also ask questions, ask for tutorials and just interact with me back ❤️