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Noomi's first year album or how I got started

Hi All! I'm so excited posting for the first time. I was thinking of how and what will be the issue of my first post and decided that it would only be reasonable to start at the very beginning. On December 2 2014 I gave birth to my sweet baby girl Noam (My sweet Noomish). maybe it was the hours I spent breastfeeding, maybe the hours I spent awake or maybe it was just the hormones... :-) In any way, I found myself yawning to create once again. As long as I can remember myself, I was always practicing different kinds of creative crafting: painting. knitting, jewelry making and more. I can still remember the exact moment I was discovering the world of paper craft, I was so moved as it mixed together my passion to create and my nostalgic nature. I love capturing moments and cherish them, and that was my way of doing exactly that.

long before I was planning on sharing my love for papers, fabrics, flowers and colors with others, I was just having some fun and started thinking of designing a first year album for my noomish . Hope you will enjoy the photos as I enjoyed doing it! (more photos you can find in noomish gallery)

Checkup all the album pictures and more in "MY WOR" tab.